SAC Smart Home Security WiFi Cameras | Motion APP monitoring software on your smartphone

View mobile on your Android/IOS phone - Outdoor Security. WIFI Motion Sensor Camera include a motion light and record to SD card. Two way audio to communicate.

Our SAC-xxx series WiFi cameras use the WIFI protocol on 802.11b/g/n. Data is compressed for the video streaming over the Internet. Free online monitoring and control management software APP. Data is stored on the SD card slot. APP software for mobile monitoring to download. Use the APP for full control. Android and IOS.

SAC-003 Fixed IP - 15m Night vision | Home security wifi cameras

ITEM: SAC-003 1080P HD High Definition Bullet IP camera 15m-20m Night vision

WIFI IP day/night. Movement detection house and home WIFI security cameras. White Motion LED night light. Notification software APP. DIY very easy to use for home and business. Monitor with an APP on your phone or Tablet.


WIFI Smart Security Cameras. Live video to cell phone, with alarm detection push notification. Wi-Fi for easy setup. E-mail notification software included. Android and IOS.

Detect movement. Start recording data on the SD card slot. Push alarm. Fixed Digital Day/Night Indoor and/or outdoor with voice. View many wireless connected cameras on one Smartphone APP. Connect as many as 200 devices as needed. Use your IP network infrastructure. Use the Internet for monitoring live.


Amazing technology built-in to one device at a special affordable price.


R990.00 - Now on Special at R850-00

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PT mobile control CCTV on your Android/IOS phone - Record motion detected to SD card. Outdoor and indoor. View your home system, mobile.

Outdoor night vision pan tilt cameras

ITEM: SAC-005A-4mm-Lens - Outdoor video surveillance home CCTV camera system - 25m Night vision 

WIFI IP day/night. In/Outdoor detection camera 802.11b/g/n and E-mail notification software included. DIY. Two way audio.


Live monitoring and video surveillance using your Android or IOS device. Smart Motion detection recording to SD card slot. Detect movement and send push notification. Pan/Tilt with auto focus. Night vision 25m. Easy to use on mobile phones.

APP control software included for this device.



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PTZx4 Motion detection with Pan, Tilt and Zoom Function to monitor and zoom in to specific regions of interest.