IP Camera. Bullet - Solar Powered security camera with motion detection, MIFI and WIFI, Outdoor night vision and SD card slot to record.

Solar powered security camera WIFI

This Solar IP Camera  is a smart MIFI/WIFI IP camera. It has a built-in solar panel with removable recharge batteries. Alarm Push notification via mobile APP software. Android and IOS. With the built-in IR lights, it can take high resolution images even in a dark environments up to 15m. High image resolution at 1080P 2MP.


When anybody breaks in to your property or tress pass, it can trigger image capture immediately on SD card, send push alarm to your mobile phone  over the local WIFI or mobile network. In this way, your privacy, safety and security can effectively be protected with the solar WIFI camera!


All functions and services are supported by the APP via WIFI network and SD card. For detailed operation and product functions, please read the user manual carefully. 



What is a WIFI Solar Powered Security Camera and how does it work?

A solar powered WIFI IP security camera use sun light to recharge the built-in battery. The camera use very low power consumption and do motion detection using a PIR sensor. You will install the FREE APP software on your mobile phone or any ANDROID/IOS device. When setting the camera up, it will connect to your existing router at home or office. This Internet connected router will allow for remote monitoring anywhere in the world.

Can movement detected by the sensor be recorded?

With a built-in SD card slot it is possible to record all events for later access. This data will be safely stored and can be used as fiscal proof in court, when needed. The loop recording option, will allow for new data to be saved over old data which was not required for any purpose. The recordings can be accessed using the APP on your mobile phone. No need to remove the SD card from the camera to play back the footage.

How effective is the LED lights for night vision?

The LED lights, allow the camera to see up to approximately 15m at night. The design use low power battery consumption. So the camera can work continuously as a night watch. 

Where do I need to install the system for it to work most effective?

Installation must be done outdoor in direct sun light. Look at the movement of the sun from East to West and try to position it in line of the direction the sun move.