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intercom systems wireless with two gate and three monitors

Intercom Systems that can be used with multiple outdoor and indoor stations on one property with up to two gates.

Wireless Intercoms. Systems designed for additional gate stations and indoor monitors. The standard set can be used with one gate and one monitor station. 


Excellent design with external antennae for the outdoor Intercom Systems Camera station. Thus the signal will be able to reach more difficult signal areas. It is designed with this feature for larger properties, where the access point may be behind fences or high walls.


Two way audio allow for clear communication. The indoor color monitor also allow for a push button to activate "open gate".




Outdoor Unit


Power Specification: lithium battery3400mAh
Consumption         : 400mA
Outline dimension  : 134*74*31mm
Weight                  : 122g
Waterproof grade   : IP55
Placement             : Hang on wall, not near metal.
Outdoor Surface material: ABS & hardware accessories

Camera 300,000pixels
View angle 120°wide angle(Extra 15°adjustable)
Night vision pattern: Infrared lamps
PIR 3M*100°
Working time         : 3 hours continuously
Standby time         : 3 months
Charge time           : 3 hours
External power AC9~16V/DC5~16V


Indoor Unit


Power Specification:     lithiumbatteryBP-6M(1100mAh)
Consumption         : 400mA
Outline dimension  : 126*84*20mm
Weight                  : 110g
Temperature          :-0℃~+40℃
Placement             : Table style
LCD size                :3.5"TFT color screen Wireless communication 2.4GHz mode
Images spread       : 25fps
Picture format        : JPEG
Working time         : 3 hours continuously
Standby time         : 10 hours
Charge time           : 3 hours
External power DC5V1A
Application distance About 80m in open, no obstacle, ideal area, perfect conditions

Application distance About 30m in - blocked by one wall or tree. Not near metal.