Wireless Fixed indoor IP Spy Cameras - Sensor housing for PCB to conceal the lens and alter shape for hidden solutions.

Camera with PIR Housing record direct to your PC using your WiFi

Spy IP hidden cameras built in to a PIR housing

Wireless IP Hidden Cameras with unique housing. Stable design. Motion detection IP with E-mail notification software installed on the CMS. DIY. PC monitor.

WiFi PIR Spy Camera. Detect movement and send E-mail in MJPEG/H.264 compression. Record movement on your hard disk. Remote mobile monitoring. View up to 64 wireless or RJ45 connected cameras on one PC screen. Use the Internet for monitoring when needed. DDNS pre-setup done. Easy to connect and view these hidden cameras.


Live monitoring, recording to PC hard disk, ftp and motion detection. Detect movement and send E-mail in MJPEG/H.264 compression. Remote monitoring. Up to 15 users can monitor and view the live streaming at once.

No software is needed to be installed on your PC. Software runs on camera. APP for phone.