SKY-Microwave-Outdoor Beam Sensor

Outdoor microwave sensor

Wireless Outdoor Microwave motion and heat detection passive infrared beam sensor - 100m.


Detect movement and motion. Microwave body movement detection technology. 12-18 month battery life. Outdoor IP66 weather proof design.


This battery operated Wireless Outdoor PIR Beam sensor is a weather resistant. Passive Infrared and Microwave Sensor security eye. It work with three technologies. It does motion detection, heat sensing and microwave human recognition for pet friendly environments. Outdoor detection area is 110 degree over up to 15 meter.


SKY-M is a new unique human recognition outdoor PIR  alarm sensor that can be used indoor, outdoor, garden, farm, office, business, home etc.

The burglar sensor recognise people. When a tree sway from the wind the sensor will recognize no heat change. Where a animal smaller than 15kg pass by, the sensor will note that it is not human like. Where you have the sun coming up or shade move over the sensor environments, the sensor will allow for day/night changes in light source.

Install this battery powered wireless burglar sensor 2.5m high under roof or in any open area. When triggered it will send a signal to the GSM receiver unit. You can give this sensor a name which is programmed on the receiver. The SMS received after trigger, will display the zone name triggered.

With a few of these sensors installed and each given a name, it is very easy to recognize the movement of the burglar.

THE GSM receivers can be programmed to link 95 zones with different sensors. Different detectors for water leak, smoke, vibration and magnetic switches can be added to the main GSM receiver system.

The main receiver unit can be connected to an armed response company, by output relay port. This port will act as a normal wired detector connection. When the relay close, the armed response unit input alarm port will close.


Technical Specifications




Power supply

1pc 3V high-capacity lithium battery. battery life: 12~18 months.

Working current

Standby: <30mA

On Alarm: <15mA


Detector checks itself upon electrification (for about 150seconds) then starts working.

Emitting distance

with built-in antenna:>100m

external  Antennae> 150m( without any interference)

Working mode

USE mode: alarm interval is min.1minute

TEST mode: alarm interval is min. 20 seconds. Sensor:  quiet, duel-core PIR sensors

LED Indication

when it detects body movement. red LED 

  flashes for about 2 seconds, detector sends out  alarm signal to control panel

Lens Qty


Pulse Count


Detecting scope 110, 9x9m (typical)
Temperature Compensation Auto Compensation
Low Battery Indication LED
Dimensions 138x75x46mm
Microwave Frequency 2.45GHZ


2.45GHZOutdoor Beam detection for pre-warning


Download the user manual here