PTZIPx20AutoTrack - Outdoor High Speed IP SONY Camera - 120m Night vision H.264 - Special Array LED lights to monitor at night.

20 x PTZ Auto Tracking

AUTO TRACK PTZ CCTV Cameras series. The Auto tracking speed dome use the most advanced tech in the world. The intelligent functions include: auto cruising, auto capture moving item, auto tracking item’s whole moving trail, auto restore preset. It’s the first Auto Tracking speed dome IP network function solution in the world. This cutting-edge Auto Tracking PTZ will follow a moving object up to 360 degrees! When the object is out of sight, this PTZ will return to its designated "home" position.

It adopts the most advanced algorithm H.264 video compression with high compression, nice image quality and real time network transmission. Support streaming protocols; support IE browsing and so on.

With the help of AUTO TRACK, a moving object can be tracked automatically and recorded, without any manual operation or any operator intervention. Upon detection of motion in the image, the PTZ camera is positioned on the detected object and tracks it automatically, occasionally zooming in to catch close-up shots . In a context of standalone (no operator) recording, video sequences recorded in the intelligent tracking mode have much more chances to capture significant events. Enough details to enable identification. In most cases, a static camera or a PTZ camera in scan mode will not have the zoom level to enable useful identification. With the Wireless Alarm Smart Track system, full capabilities of PTZ cameras are exploited without the need of an operator.


Camera Specifications:
◆ 6" HD-IP High Speed Dome Auto Tracking Camera, IP66

◆ Pan Range: 0°~360°, Pan Speed: 220°/s     Tilt Range: 0°~90°, Tilt Speed: 45°/s

◆ IR LED: ¢22x8 pcs, IR Range: 120M, IR LED Auto Control: PWM

◆ Guard Tours: 4 Groups(Max.64 points per tour), Preset: 256

◆ Support OSD, Built-in Surge and Lightning Protection Devices


◆ Support iPhone, Android Phone View, Remote View and Control

◆ Size: ¢214mm x 318mm(H)

◆ Weight: 10.3kg (A Waterproof Adapter Box and Windshield Wiper Included)




Download the user manaul here