SOS GSM Elderly Alarm System
Elderly Care Alarm

Wireless motion detection elderly care alarm and GSM  SMS security system. DIY - 4 watchdog wireless Zones - 3 emergency 24 hour Zones - 4 timer alarms


This system is designed to monitor and alert the elderly and their care takers to know immediately if there is any emergency assistance needed.


This is a unique new 2016 design with Code Recognition and very stable GSM notification options.


The watchdog wireless zones can take 4 x sensors to notify the care taker if the elderly is moving around in his/her house. If these watchdog zones do not trigger as per time set, the system will notify the care taker immediately.

 Three 24 hour emergency zones will monitor panic, fire, smoke or any other type monitoring through sensors installed.

The built-in Back-up battery allow for 8 hours stand by and will notify the operator of any power failures.

There can be three(3) Cell Phone numbers to receive the SMS and five(5) to receive a phone call from the DIY alarm systems E-SOS.

The waterproof panic button allow for immediate panic emergency assistance.


Three easy dial buttons on the alarm panel can be programmed to speed dial any care taker or family member immediately.


Wireless set include: Main GSM unit, 1 x motion sensor, 1 x door sensor, 1 x waterproof panic, 1 x back-up battery and Power supply.



Download the user manaul here