3G/4G Solar Power Camera - Battery Power - 15 m Array LED Lights - 3.6mm wide angle lens - Motion detection.

4G Outdoor IP Solar Camera with SIM Slot. LTE module - 15 m Array LED Lights - Built-in battery slot and power supply to charge battery before use. SD card slot to record motion detection.

Cellular Solar Security Camera with SIM Card slot. Wireless IP 3G, 4G LTE 15m night vision. Outdoor motion detection with built-in 3G, 4G LTE module. Solar and battery power supply built-in. DIY


4GSolarCam is a weatherproof outdoor Infrared Cellular Network IP camera that is entirely 3G, 4G, LTE, featuring a built-in Solar power supply. With aid of infrared LED, you get 0.5 lux low light ability. The IR range is up to 45 ft. 4G series cameras are truly Outdoor Cellular Network cameras which can work in wet weather outdoor.


Advanced features include image recording SD card or notification by push alarm, when the sensor triggers such on motion detection. It also has SD card slot, for alarm record (motion sensor alarm, motion detection alarm) or I frame record (record one picture per interval). Like all network cellular security cameras offered.


Install the APP to do live Internet monitoring with your phone. Receive push alarm notification.


4G LTE adopts H.264 to compress the video signal into hardware compression; transmit the compressed bit rate through networks, display real-time video.


Adjust frame and bit rate settings for preferred bit rate usage.


Camera Specifications:
- 1/3" Sony CCD 1080P - 3.6mm wide angle lens

- 0.5 Lux up to 15m night vision

- H.264 HD Resolution

- SD Card Record

- Two-way Audio

- APP software included.