Camouflaged GPRS Digital Infrared, Intruder detection MMS surveillance. Picture when motion detected on trail cameras.

Trail Hunting camera

ITEM: CAMTRAP. Automatic digital trail camera trap with MMS function. It can be triggered at once by any movement in a certain region of interest (ROI). Invisible lights to human eye.


The hunting cameras monitoring is done by a high sensitive Passive Infrared motion sensor which automatically captures high quality pictures. (up to 12M pixels) It records 1080p HD video on the trail camera traps SD card.

This trail cameras, are digital hunting trail cameras with motion detection function and the surveillance cameras works automatically. Trail cameras send pictures to your phone.


At sunrise the hunting trail cameras begins to take color photos and videos until there is insufficient light (dusk) when it begins to take infrared (monochrome) photos and videos.


The LED lights installed and used to light up at night work on 940Nm. This means that when the LED light switch on, when motion is detected, it is invisible to the human and animal eye. The environment will light up for the trail cameras to see, but no illumination is visible around the game trail cameras.


With its camouflaged waterproof IP66 housing, the hunting camera trap can be installed outdoor in any conditions. It will stay dry inside and the AA batteries are safe from damage. It will blend into its environment and be difficult to spot as a hunting camera trap.


It is easy to use, because there is a 2.5 inch LCD display on the camera. The hunting camera trap supports MMS/SMS/E-mail via GPRS Network. It is resistant against water, dust and snow for outside uses. When triggered the image of motion detected, will be send via Image or E-mail in 640P resolution, which is the size standard of all cell phone service providers.


The onboard screen will assist in mounting the hunting camera, so the correct line of sight for the camera can be used. After installation the cover will be closed and ready for use.


There is also an onboard SD card slot, to record video clips, motion detected, which can later be viewed on a computer or the onboard screen. Settings on the device are easy to switch from detection mode to view mode.


Use these units indoor or outdoor. Set it up on a animal trail where game will move up and down the path to water supply. Set it up next to an aardvark hole, and see when the animal go seek food and return.


The Camera Traps are the same type of product, which is used in TV documentaries. The high color images that is seen in the day time on these documentaries, are recorded on a SD card. These SD data cards can then be removed to connect to your PC for storage and editing. 32G SD card sizes with a class 10 range, will be most sufficient.


Night vision images tend to have more of a black and white appearance, than full color. But all kinds of animals will be recognized in pitch dark areas. The LED lights built-in to the camera traps allow for quite good night vision up to about 20m. With additional light sources, these cameras will be able to supply good images.


External antennae on this camera type can be upgraded using a standard GSM antennae. Especially in environments where the installation will be done in dense forest or areas where the signal is very poor. The antennae may help a bit, but may not solve issues with very bad GSM signal coverage in remote farm areas. Signal boosters will be required for very poor signals. These boosters will not better the data bandwidth speed, but merely make the signal stronger.


Test results for using the camera in stand by mode, allow for 1 month on 4 x good quality AA alkaline batteries. 8 x AA alkaline batteries last up to 2 months in stand-by mode. When the camera is working quite frequently, the battery life may change depending on the amount of data that is send and recorded.




Image Sensor Type(True Megapixels)

5 Mega Pixels Color CMOS


SD Card 8MB~32GB


F=3.1; FOV=60 °


160mm * 120mm * 50 mm

IR Filter

Full Automatic IR Filter

TFT Display Screen

48x35.69mm (2.36");480(RGB)*234DOT; 16.7M color PIR Sensitivity DUAL PIR with 3 sensitivity levels: High/Normal/Low

PIR Sensor Sight Angle

110 Degrees

PIR Sensing Distance



LEDs Black

Max Night Vision Lighting Distance

65ft/20 meters

Trigger Speed

0.7 Seconds

Low Battery Indicator


Triggering Interval :

1 second ~ 60mins (default 5 sec)

Selectable Image Resolution:


Multiple Frame


Video Resolution


File Format


Date Time Imprint


Moon Phase Imprint



Auto MMS/EMAIL/FTP/SMS Support support

Device Serial No

4 Digits and 26 alphabet set by yourself

Periodic shot

1 second ~ 24 hours

Stand-by current


Stand-by time

4Months with 8 x AA batteries


TV out (NTSC/PAL); USB; SD Card Holder; 12V DC External

Fix Method

Belt, Tripod Nail

Operation Temperature

-30 ~+70/-22~+158

Power Supply

4 or 8 x AA

Camera Socket Yes
Waterproof IP54
Security Authentication