GSM Alarm systems with SMS or MMS pictures to notify intrusion

Select between the standard wireless sensors - SMS text message or receive photos with the trail cams. The SMS Alarm systems and MMS picture notification cameras are ideal for home or farm monitoring. Record images in HD on the SD card slot.

99 Zones with touch pad gsm alarm system
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These wireless alarm systems use the Vodacom, MTN and other mobile networks to send SMS alarm notification via text message to your phone. Name the zones and see exactly, which sensors was triggered. Various outdoor sensors and indoor motion, fire, vibration, temperature monitoring can be added. Sensor security with battery back-up.


Select between complete wireless or add wired zones for specific perimeter detection. Radar barrier perimeter beams can be added for distances up to 200m. Solar panels can be used to power up, using the recharge batteries connected to solar regulators.



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MMS-Hunting - Camouflaged Digital Infrared Trail Camera wireless

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GSM and 3G data network options. The cameras will do motion detection and send alarm notification to your mobile phone. Pictures can be set to send one or more images of what triggered the camera. SIM cards are installed from Vodacom, MTN and other mobile networks alike. Camouflaged housings make it difficult to see, when installed in a natural environment. battery operated systems to ensure complete wireless solutions.

Image quality can be set for picture quality to be send by MMS or 3G networks. High definition images will be stored on the SD card. All cameras are equipped with an SD card slot for recording purpose. 

Install the camera with SIM card on a tree or other fixed position where it does not allow for movement of the security camera.



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