Solar Power Solutions - CCTV cameras, access points and other digital equipment for security systems and more.

Solar Powered Security Camera. 24/7 Charging and Batteries - Complete CCTV Camera solution to connect to your WiFi network.

24/7 Solar Panel and Battery back-up system with fixed outdoor cameras

ITEM: SOLARBULLET - 24/7 Solar Power camera.

Built-in 6600mAh battery system. Ideal for complete wireless applications.


Install these WIFI solar powered cameras, anywhere there is no 220V grid power available. The solar powered integrated system will keep the camera working for 24 hours and seven days a week, whilst connected to your phone's hot spot or other WIFI Access Point. The camera work stand alone, if connection is lost.

System Include: Solar powered security camera with battery system built-in, integrated with a 1080P HD lens.


1 x 2MP CCTV IP Camera with built-in solar panel and batteries.
1 x Battery charge cable.
1 x External Antennae

1 x User manual


Downloadable APP for your Smart Phone.


R3990.00 incl. V.A.T


All in one solution with LTE module, batteries and built-in charge module

24/7 Solar Panel and Battery back-up system with night vision security LED

ITEM: 4GIPSolar - 24/7 Solar Power Solution with built-in battery camera. 5V Low power consumption.

24/7 Battery back-up system.


When there is no grid power or Wi-Fi available. Install this solar powered solution for remote cameras. The solar powered system will keep the camera working for 24 hours and seven days a week.


This is a complete wireless IP camera with SD card slot. Transmit the signal to the operator smart phone. Below our solution for a High Tech LTE Camera with Solar System. 1080P HD plus. Work on the 3G/4G/LTE cell phone network.

System Include:

1 x 4G Camera
1 x Rechargeable battery pack
1 x Solar Panel built-in

1 x Charge cable for initial charge

1 x User manual

1 x Bracket




R6990.00 incl. V.A.T


External Panels, Batteries and Regulators with up to 6 meter high pole designs.

24/7 Solar Panel and Battery back-up system with fixed outdoor cameras
Image for reference only!

ITEM: SOLAR01 - 24/7 Solar Power Solution for 12V.

24/7 80W Panel and Battery back-up system. Ideal for 3G LTE Camera.


Install this solution for cameras, anywhere where there is no grid power available. The solar powered system will keep the CCTV working for 24 hours and seven days a week. No battery power loss or damage from over load.

System Include: This is for the power system without a camera. Select a camera below to add.


1 x Charge controller for batteries
1 x Battery Pack for camera power - 65Ah
1 x Panel 80 Watt for camera load




Select a camera for this solar kit to be installed here:


3G-001: This is a fixed camera with motorized zoom lens.


LTE-010PTZ: This is a Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera with motorized zoom lens.



Outdoor High Speed Pan/Tilt and Zoom with solar power on network
Image for referance only!

ITEM: SOLARCAM - Outdoor HD 3G/4G/LTE Pan/Tilt and Zoom. Solar powered security camera system.(LTE010PTZ) with power kit SOLAR01 above.


LTE 3G/4G Security Camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom function. APP monitoring software and PC monitoring over the Internet for the camera. Motion detection with SD card record option on camera. Max 128G SD card. Camera do not use the Internet when in stand-by mode. Any cell phone network can be used to connect the camera.


Monitor your remote environment, building sites, farming areas, vehicles and any area. Use where there is no other network connectivity than, 3G/4G LTE mobile and no grid 240V power available.


Use the sun powered camera system, where you do not have Eskom or other power supply available.


R23990.00 Set include 1 x LTE Camera LTE010PTZ + 32G SD Card, 1 x 80W Panel, 1 x Panel bracket, battery box, 65AH battery and 12V regulator, 3.5m pole.


Delivery, installation and civil can be quoted for.


Installation Conditions: SIM card for camera to be supplied for setup of the LTE network. RICA SIM card needed, prior to Installation. Very good 3G network signal will be required.



We can also design larger systems for more electronic equipment or long range solutions in South Africa!