Mini Hidden spy cameras, Wi-Fi, wireless IP surveillance, secret monitoring and SD recording.

External NVR and Internal SD card motion detection recording spy cameras. Use your phone for live image streaming.

Vehicle track with magnetic reverse bracket


WiFi IP spy camera with night vision lens and battery power supply.


Install this WiFi spy camera indoor. Small lens. Connect to your network to do local and remote video monitoring. Secret surveillance. APP used for direct Mi-Fi phone connection.


Also used as nanny cameras. P2P direct connect to your phone.


Small size 34mm x 34mm x 34mm


SD card recording.

System Include:

1 x Wi-Fi IP Spy cameras with battery back-up (120min)
1 x Power supply
1 x User manual


 Was R1690.00




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Small lens to hide anywhere


WiFi IP with pinhole lens and power supply.


Install this Wi-Fi hidden IP camera indoor. Small 1mm pin hole lens. Connect to your network. Do local and remote video monitoring and secret spy surveillance.

System Include:

1 x Wi-Fi IP cameras with pinhole lens
1 x Power supply
1 x User manual





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Outdoor night vision and monitoring

ITEM: BP-003 Battery power

Record video and data to  a SD card. Re-chargeable battery pack for power. Two way audio.


Install in your WiFi range. Outdoor housing for weather protection. IP66 rating. Clear two way audio. Motion detection notification to your Smartphone APP. Magnetic bracket to allow for fast removal. Hide the camera in bushes or anywhere secret.

System Include:


1 x Battery powered Wi-Fi IP camera

2 x 18650 Batteries
1 x Power supply

1 x Magnetic bracket for easy removal
1 x User manual


Optional: Wall mount bracket for fixed installation.


 Was R3290.00




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DVR recorder for SD card


Record video and data to SD card. Re-chargeable battery pack for power.


Install this spy cameras concealed. With motion detection software and button lens. Powered by battery. Install hidden in any container. Tissue box or empty Coke can.

System Include:

1 x Button camera. DVR board. 8cm flex cable for camera. Battery for 3-4 hours motion detection mode.
1 x Battery charger
1 x User manual


 Was R1490.00




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Battery powered spy camera


Record video and data to SD card. High Capacity, Re-chargeable battery pack for power source.


Conceal the hidden, WI-Fi, IP motion detection camera. Only 1.5mm button lens. Powered by battery. Fits in any small container or housing. Connect direct with MiFi or use your local WiFi. 


Note pricing below for the two options we have.

System Include:

1 x Button camera with 6 cm extension. Wi-Fi and P2P PCB.

1 x Battery 
1 x Battery charger.
1 x User manual.





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PIR hidden spy surveillance

ITEM: Wireless-PIR-720P

PIR housing with power supply.


Install this unit on your WiFi network at home. Hidden IP camera with PIR housing. For home and business use. Connect to your network. Do on site monitoring and remote video surveillance. APP software free. NVR or PC compatible.

System Include:

1 x PIR IP cameras
1 x Power supply
1 x User manual





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Install the device in light fitting


Record video and data to SD card. Connect to your local Wi-Fi network. Internet monitoring.


Real working light. Hidden WI-Fi IP motion detection bulb camera with night vision. installed in a working LED BULB housing.

System Include:

1 x Wi-Fi Bulb Cameras.
1 x Fitting extension.
1 x User manual.





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Excellent nanny surveillance


Record video and data to SD card. Connect to your local Wi-Fi network.


Place this hidden WI-Fi IP, motion detection clock camera on a desk. Night vision Online surveillance. Motion detection alarm to APP. Also used as Nanny Cameras.

System Include:

1 x Wi-Fi Clock Camera.

1 x Battery pack

1 x Power supply.
1 x User manual.





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