Corona Virus COVID-19 Protection by human body temperature detecting cameras - thermal measurement - Face masks - 3 Ply - Disposable

Corona Virus - Cameras for Human Body Temperature measuring on management software and push alarm.

Corona Virus wifi app mobile phone control detecting cameras

Thermal Imaging Body Temperature detection Camera for Corona Virus.


We specialize in security protection and safety cameras. As a result of the continuous expansion of the COVID-19 Virus all over the world, we had to take action in special Artificial Intelligence temperature detecting camera support.


Our dedicated factory now also manufacture the Body temperature measuring camera needed for human scanning and population protection.


These cameras are installed at the entrance of your store to measure the temperature of visitors to your property. When the instrument find high temperature readings, it will alert the responsible officer.


Easy to use and installation is quick. The camera connect to your IP network and store data to the database PC. The camera can store 10 000 faces to the database. Detection will be done to see if the visitor has any temperature issues, wearing a mask or other functions.


The camera work stand alone. Relay allow for the door or access gate to be opened.


ICASA Approved.


Special order product - Please ask for a quote!


COVID-19 Protection Disposable Face mask - 3 Layer non woven fabrics

Covert 19 disposable non woven face masks with 3 ply layers

BFE99 mean that this Corona Face Mask has a bacterial filtration efficiency to protect against 99% of bacteria and viruses.


We specialize in security protection and safety products. As a result of the continuous expansion of the Virus all over the world, we had to take action in support.


Our dedicated factory now also manufacture the Face Masks needed for Virus protection.


Disposable Face Masks are used to prevent the contamination of the human body.


Standard Tie On and Ear loop Face Masks are the typical disposable face masks. These are latex free, hypoallergenic, fiberglass free, fluid resistant and has a three ply construction. 


We supply these masks on order as the stock levels are low:


Packaging comes in boxes of 50pcs.


Pricing for a box of 50pcs will be selling at R45-00 per mask in stock.


Larger quantities can be quoted for up to 2 million pieces per shipment.



CE/FDA Approved!


Enquire here!

What is the impact of one person infected with the Corona COVID-19?

One person could potentially infect hundreds of people. One person for example infect 10 others and those people infect 10 more people each. This mean a building would have to close for weeks – there is going to be great financial loss for such a dilemma.



How can CCTV assist in the Corona detection program?

Installation of Smart CCTV temperature detecting cameras are being investigated for buildings, schools, malls and public areas. The idea is to try and pro-actively isolate those with the virus. As companies struggle to get their heads around how to cope with employees that may be infected with the COVID-19, some are investing in smart CCTV with built in temperature sensors. The temperature of the human body will show fever, which is the key sign of infection.


Corona detection CCTV cameras has a built-in temperature sensor which relays data on the built-in monitor and the building’s security personnel. Security can then help to isolate those with higher than normal temperature.

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