Security System CCTV Installations - Wi-Fi, Fibre, Copper and Solar Power Surveillance and Alarms

Installed according to ISO9001 standards or according to your needs. Security camera and alarm system installations. Electrical certificates available. Setup of your equipment is done on site.

Security Camera Installations. IP Network and Telecommunication systems. New Automation. Our team also move and/or repair existing networks.


Our dedicated team is qualified IP, wifi, copper and fibre installers.


With your security requirements, we design the equipment layout. From one single camera installation to large environments. Perimeter beam sensor to wireless controllers. All larger projects.


Installations also include solar power solutions and poles. All designs for your poles is done in house. We will build it according to your requirements. 


Power cables, brackets, boxes and other sundries available for any project.


Special brick building requirements for control rooms built to plans.


ISO9001 Approved!


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installations security solar cameras and alarms

The camera solution installed in the picture was on a game farm. The farm is located in a 4G LTE friendly network area for live streaming options. We found many elephant and other large game to damage equipment. Thus we decided to go for a more robust solution.

We started with building a brick and cement structure to mount the solar panels and store the batteries and electronics. A fire proof door and fire alert alarm panel with additional wireless sensors to detect for any tamper movement.


Solar panels on this structure is effective to charge batteries and run the security 4G Internet camera, LED lights and gate access control system from one source.


The camera we used allow for a 2.8-12mm motorized Zoom lens and Pan, Tilt function to monitor a 360 degree area. These cameras also allow for on-board SD card data recording with a 80m night vision design.


The camera work by Installing a SIM card from any cell phone service provider. The camera will then be connected to the Internet for anytime streaming on your mobile phone. Motion detection can be set to do a push alarm notification to your phone.


Data on these cameras are only used when monitoring live streams, while it will be in stand-by mode if not connected and viewed.