CCTV Surveillance systems, Wireless Cameras, security and Alarms with Solar power solutions for remote areas, we assist with special designs for your specific needs.

WiFi CCTV and GSM! Camera Images received via MMS cameras and Email alarm notification on APP.
Wireless Cameras kit with 4 ch CCTV cameras including power supplies and wi-fi router long range km
Wireless GSM alarm system one wired input port and sixteen motion sensor zones detection camera

We specialize in wireless security CCTV cameras and wireless alarm kits. CCTV Cameras and alarm accessories for indoor and outdoor use. APP controlled CCTV cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance over the Internet


Our wireless CCTV Camera IP surveillance product range operate via WiFi, 3G, 4G LTE and local network PC. Advanced 3G/LTE CCTV Cameras for mobile network monitoring using a n APP or control management software on PC's


Our wireless security cameras and alarm products, allow you to monitor your home and business online, with excellent support and after sales service on all our equipment. Advanced Industrial cameras and NVR recording or computer hard disk drive back-up


We do pre-setup and assist with configuration and software installation FREE of charge prior to delivery of your product order. As easy as plug and play!


Our high power 2.4G wireless access point routers and antennae for long range can cover up to 2km distance on your property to your cameras.


The equipment are also wireless. We use a protocol of 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g/N Wi-Fi, 3G,4G LTE and ADSL. Internet camera monitoring via DynDNS. Image compression on M-JPEG and H.264, all without data wires. Indoor and Outdoor CCTV IP can also be used wired, using a standard RJ45 network cable. All equipment include a 5V or 12v power supply, depending on specifications.

CCTV cameras. What is wireless security cameras? Explain what is IP camera and CCTV? How do they work and allow protection without data wires? We also explain how recording is done on the cameras, SD card or NVR recording options. Installation is easy and all work on standard network protocol. The control management software, also allow to monitor on a personal computer and record data to the hard disk drive. New technology allow for DVR and NVR network connectivity, for online monitoring.

A Wireless IP CCTV Security Cameras (Wireless Internet Protocol Close Circuit Television) can be classified as a mini computer processor with a camera eye, which can be used on a 3G cell Phone and your local IP network. Software is installed on the camera's built in HDD( Hard Disk Drive) that does the motion detection recording and data transfer to monitor. View the data over the internet. Use your router and connect your local PC. Captured data is saved on the HDD or E-mailed. If there is a need for many cameras, the option of a NVR(Network Video Recorder) is available. These NVR recorders start at 4 channel up to 64CH

Wireless IP CCTV for home and business, can be connected direct to your PC via router. Connect a data cable or you can use a Wireless Access Point or 3G to use the camera without data wires.


What is the cost implication for Digital Wi-Fi IP, rather than the Analogue wired CCTV cameras, systems?

The installation cost is very low for wireless Digital IP CCTV. The only labor required, will be drilling 2-3 holes to install the surveillance camera. As you only need an Wireless Access Point connected to your computer, the data is send over the wireless Wi-Fi network. The camera only need a power point and a few holes. With an Internet connection, the image stream can be monitored over the Internet, remotely. The software and Internet setup has all been done and included for FREE. Monitor and record to your PC. It is easy to install yourself and wireless. Power supplies are included. Batteries and solar solutions can also be added.

We offer FREE IP server software with all our wifi equipment, pre-installed and setup done for you.


Wireless access is available on your local data system and also on mobile devices that connect to the internet. These wireless monitoring devices can be moved around on the property in the Wi-Fi range to keep connection. Just plug the power supply back in and the wireless device will connect automatically.


So what are you waiting for? click through to our online CCTV IP Cameras, store with e-commerce payment options to start shopping for the wireless wifi security camera of your needs. We supply wireless security accessory products that suit your needs! Contact us today for friendly assistance.

indoor cameras - baby monitor cameras - surveillance

Check out this very easy to use APP controlled camera for indoor use. Just install the APP, link your phone and its ready to use.


Indoor CCTV IP Cameras using Android and IOS APP software to do remote monitoring over the Internet. Record motion detection data to SD card

outdoor camera - gate camera

Check out this very easy to use APP controlled camera for outdoor use. Just install the APP, link your phone and its ready to use.


Outdoor CCTV IP Cameras using Android and IOS APP software to do remote monitoring over the Internet. Record motion detection data to SD card

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