Products are listed in categories, depending on their APP, Specifications and functionality 

Wireless Cameras, CCTV Surveillance, GSM Alarms, Solar

WiFi CCTV and GSM Alarms! WiFi Security Cameras Images via MMS security camera and Email alarm notification on APP.
Smart Wireless kit with 4 ch including power supplies and wi-fi router long range system km

Note: We now offer finance solutions for wireless security monitoring cameras and accessories. Ease of investment. Some wireless camera systems may be initially costly, requiring special equipment requirements. Larger installations will require additional capital. Now you can break the initial cost, into smaller monthly installments. Own the product solution, while business or smart home equipment are operational. Our range include wireless cameras. WIFI extenders and recording. GSM motion sensor alarm system and outdoor accessories.

4G LTE 3G Internet phone sekuriteits kamera met son paneel
Wireless battery powered outdoor solar charge with bracket

Wireless camera that connect to your WIFI network system,  using battery power.

battery powered outdoor

GSM Dialer for perimeter beams.

Wireless GSM alarm one wired input port and sixteen motion sensor zones detection camera



Finance your required solution and alarms today! We can assist with a quotation to apply for your your request.

We specialize in WIFI CCTV camera systems. Cordless alarm kits. CCTV Surveillance Cameras and alarm accessories. Supply of indoor and outdoor cameras. 4G cameras. APP controlled for indoor and outdoor surveillance over the Internet.


Our IP surveillance product range, operate via WIFI. 3G,/4G/LTE and local network PC. Advanced 3G/LTE Cameras for mobile network. Use an APP or control management software on your Windows PC.


Our IP cameras and alarm products, allow you to monitor your home and business online. Excellent support and after sales service on all our equipment. Advanced Industrial cameras and NVR recording. Connect your computer hard disk drive, for back-up.


We do setup and assist with configuration and software installation. FREE of charge, prior to delivery, of your product order. Smart home camera system. As easy as plug and play!


Our high power 2.4G access point routers and antennae, include range extenders. It can cover up to 5km distance, on your property, with a point to point connection to your network.


We use a wireless CCTV camera protocol of 2.4Ghz. Wi-Fi, 3G,4G, LTE and ADSL. Internet spy camera via Free Internet connection DNS. Image compression on H264 and H265.  Image transfer without data wires. Indoor, Outdoor IP can also be used wired. Using a standard RJ45 network cord. All equipment include a 5V or 12v power supply if not otherwise specified.

Solar Security Camera kit. What is home wireless security cameras? Explain what is n Wireless IP camera and CCTV Cameras? How do they work and allow protection without data wires? We also explain how recording is done on the SD card or NVR recording options. Installation is easy and all work on standard network protocol. The control management software, also allow to monitor on a personal computer. Record data to the hard disk drive. New technology allow for DVR and NVR network connectivity, for data monitoring.

A IP CCTV Security Camera. (Internet Protocol Close Circuit Television) can be classified as a mini computer processor with a camera eye lens. Use it on a LTE cell phone network or your local IP network. Software is installed on the camera's built in HDD( Hard Disk Drive) that does the motion detection recording and data transfer. View the data over the data network. Use your router and connect your local PC Systems. Captured live data is saved on the SD card or E-mailed. If there is a need for many wireless security surveillance cameras, the option of a NVR(Network Video Recorder) is available. These NVR recorders start at 4 channel up to 128CH.

IP CCTV for home and business. It can be connected direct to your PC or phone. Connect a data cable or you can use a WIFI Access Point. 3G router to connect to the Internet can also be implemented.


What is the cost implication for Digital Wi-Fi IP, rather than the Analogue wired installation?

Installation cost for WIFI cameras can be much lower than Analogue, as no cabling or expensive recording equipment is required.

We offer FREE IP Server APP Software. Included in all our standard and solar camera equipment.  WIFI, easy to connect and install. Assistance with setup, is supported for you. We can always assist.


So what are you waiting for? Click through to our online IP Cameras store. E-commerce payment options to start shopping for the products of your needs. We supply wireless cameras and accessory products that suit your environment! Contact us today for friendly assistance and a quote.

indoor baby monitor wireless surveillance cameras voice and audio

Check out this new, very easy to use, 3.6mm, 76 degree design lens. APP controlled for Outdoor use.  25m night vision. Just install the APP, link your phone and its ready to use. Smart Home over WIFI.  White motion sensor lights and audio.


76 degree lens. Outdoor IP Surveillance using Android and IOS APP software. Apply remote monitoring. Record motion detection data to SD card.

indoor - baby monitor camera - surveillance done anywhere in the world

Check out this 1080P, very easy to use. APP controlled. Indoor Pan Tilt housing. Just download the V380 Cam APP, connect and its ready to use. 5m night vision.


Indoor IP Camera using Android and IOS APP software. Record motion detection data to SD storage

outdoor battery camera solar and WiFi and SD card record

Watch this new 1080P resolution. Very easy to use. Pro solar camera, wireless and WIFI. APP controlled cam for outdoor video capture. Just install the APP, link your phone and its ready to use. 15m night vision LED light. Expert level integrated.


Outdoor IP, using Android and IOS APP software.  Built-in solar panel and battery system. Record motion detection data to SD card